Kukulcan Rituals

what to expect that night:

For the observants, please remain quiet and respectful during the whole procedure. Be mindful that this is the suspendee’s moment, not yours.

On your arrival we’ll have a chat, we are here to answer any questions you might have, and talk about what you want or expect. (We will have discussed this previously, in person or via email, but it’s good to check things!) If you have any concerns, any medical conditions or allergies you need to tell us!

This is your event, and it’s our job to make it a positive and comfortable experience. Talking to us will help with this! The timing of the whole procedure is completely in your control, please let us know what you want, if you don’t feel well or you want to stop.

You decide how much time you need to go up and fly.

When it is your turn to get suspended, you will be asked to come to the piercing area where we will show you the supplies we are using are sterile and packed or disposables (needles, etc). We work creating the so called “sterile field” for our work station in order to provide complete safety. Please don’t touch or put anything or touch the workstations or trash cans.

Your skin will be cleaned with antibacterial wipes and we will mark the placement for the hooks.

When you are ready one of us will pierce you with a sterile needle, and insert a sterile hook.

This will be repeated until all hooks are in place.

This might be painful, but remember, you can stop at any time and we’ll go at your pace. When you are ready and feeling ok, you will be taken to the suspension area.

Once in the suspension area, your hooks will be connected with shackles to the rigging (ropes).

At this moment there will be no pressure on your hooks. All the rigging equipment we use, from ropes to shackles, is safety rated to a minimum of 6 times your weight, and often much more. Nothing will break unless we hang more than 10 heavy people from the same rig!

When you are ready, the tension will be taken up, and you’ll feel a tightness in the hooks.

Normally we recommend a bit of pulling before the suspension, in order to let your body get used to the hooks and this new feeling.

For first timers, or if you wish, one of us will stay with you and talk to you and advise you towards getting off the ground. It can be a strange and scary experience, and there’s a few things which might help, so having someone by your side can be very useful. If you don’t want this, let us know. You’re free to change your mind at any time.

When you are ready, you will slowly be lifted off the ground and start your flight.

We will stay at your side checking how you are during the whole procedure. When you are ready to come down, you will let us know. The amount of time in the air is different for everybody, it can be from a few seconds to one hour. You will feel what is right.

If any problems might occur, such as skin tearing (which rarely happens), you will be advised to come down.

After the suspension we will disconnect you from the rig (suspension point), and you’ll be taken to the after-care area. The area around the hooks will be cleaned and disinfected, and the hooks removed. Your skin will be massaged lightly to remove any trapped air, in order to increase the healing and a sterile plaster will be applied.


There should be no serious effects from suspending, but you might well feel a bit tender where you were pierced, for a day or so. The experience of suspending can be very draining, and it is normal to feel tired once the adrenaline wears off, so consider this for getting back home and working the next day, etc. Again eating well and resting will help the recovery.

You will bleed a little from the wounds. The amount can vary, but we recommend sleeping on a towel or old bedding in case the plasters leaks during the night. The next day you remove the plasters while showering, after that there is no need to keep the wounds covered. Just be careful not to remove the scab, keep them clean but do not soak, as with any healing wound. You’ll be left with a small round or crescent scar where the hooks were, they will fade with time.

Hopefully all this information will help in creating an idea of what to expect.

Suspension can be a challenging but life changing experience, and each person and occasion is individual.

Please get in touch if you have any question, we are happy to discuss anything you have on your mind. Feel free to ask any questions!

We look forward to guide and support you through this wonderful journey.
Beto and Eugenia

If you have any other question, please contact us.